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Look What You Made Taylor Do … ?

Look What You Made Taylor Do … ?

Taylor Swift sent flowers to a fan who BROKE HER NECK & BACK in a car accident. Check out the video .. here’s a video of me ugly crying….so hot, i know. i still haven’t stopped breathing it’s fine, everything is fine. 💞 I’m so injured but so happy lmao @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 god i love…MORE

What is every state GOOGLING at Christmas?

Before you Google something super, super dumb on Christmas, just remember: Your state’s entire reputation is on the line. A website called Satellite Internet went through Google data to figure out the best thing people in every state disproportionately searched for on Christmas last year.  And here are some of the highlights . . .…MORE

How did Alabama RANK among states with the most Christmas SPIRIT?

CLICK MAP FOR MORE Washington South Dakota Utah Missouri Maine Tennessee Alabama Arkansas Virginia North Carolina Pennsylvania Indiana West Virginia Wisconsin Mississippi Rhode Island Idaho Wyoming North Dakota Ohio Massachusetts Oregon South Carolina Iowa Nebraska Kentucky Oklahoma Vermont Kansas Colorado New Hampshire Maryland Connecticut New  York Delaware Louisiana Illinois Texas Montana Georgia New Mexico California…MORE


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