Balenciaga Dropped A Towel Skirt for $925??

Balenciaga has dropped a new item for customers to buy and has customers laughing as they have a skirt made from a cotton towel costing $925!!

The fashion company is getting dragged online for the expensive towel skirt and social media is having to much fun about it.

This skirt is supposed to be apart of their Spring 2024 collection, and have already started to take pre orders on Tuesday.

Some of the tweets started by saying, “Nah Balenciaga a towel skirt? 😭 who the f*** is the creative director over there” and “Balenciaga is selling a towel wrapped around somebody’s waist as a skirt for $925 😂😂😂 please be f****** for real.”

Balenciaga says that the towel is held by 2 buttons on the inside of the waistline along with a adjustable belt and a buckle.

Some people have said that they can make the same look for just a few dollars from a towel at Target.

One woman said… “A TOWEL SKIRT AS A FASHION STATEMENT?!?!  Please THATS SO UGLY 😭 why balenciaga ?????”

MUNICH, GERMANY – MARCH 22: The exterior of a Balenciaga store photographed on March 22, 2022 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)


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