Shakira Gives Her Thoughts On The New Barbie Movie

Shakira Shares her opinion on the ‘Barbie’ movie recently after her sons say that they were not big fans of the movie.

Shakira stated, “My sons absolutely hated it. They felt that it was emasculating. And I agree, to a certain extent.”

She added, “I’m raising two boys. I want ’em to feel powerful too while respecting women. I like pop culture when it attempts to empower women without robbing men of their possibility to be men, to also protect and provide.”

She continued, “I believe in giving women all the tools and the trust that we can do it all without losing our essence, without losing our femininity.”

Shakira finished by saying, “I think that men have a purpose in society and women have another purpose as well. We complement each other, and that complement should not be lost.”


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