Daniel Radcliffe Addressed J.K. Rowling’s Comments On The Transgender Community

Daniel Radcliffe Responds To J.K. Rowling’s Latest Dust-Up Recently, Daniel Radcliffe addressed J.K. Rowling’s comments about the transgender community, and he called her out about them.

Daniel said, “It makes me really sad, ultimately. Because I do look at the person that I met, the times that we met, the books that she wrote, and the world that she created, and all of that is to me so deeply empathic.”

He continued, “I wanted to try and help people that had been negatively affected by the comments. And to say that if those are Jo’s views, then they are not the views of everybody associated with the Potter franchise.”

He added, “So nothing in my life would have probably happened the way it is without that person, but that doesn’t mean that you owe the things you truly believe to someone else for your entire life.”


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