Hackers Take Control Of Doja Cat’s X Account & Take Shots At Iggy Azalea

Reportedly, Doja Cat’s X account was hacked after Doja’s account sent shots at Iggy Azalea.

Allegedly, the hacker said, “Shut up b**ch,” under one of Iggy’s posts, and the account posted, “F**k that stupid b**ch @IGGYAZALEA and buy $DOJA.”

Iggy knew it wasn’t Doja and added, “Hackers on celeb girl accounts again making it about me cause I’m their fixation but they didn’t consider the fact that I may actually interact w ppl in real life and it’s not fitting into reality lol.”

She continued, “Get rugged if y’all want but I’m cool w that girl irl so yall f**ked up w that tweet hackers.”

Doja confirmed the news and said, “My Twitter’s been hacked these messages are not from me.”

Have you ever lost a social media account due to hacking? How did you recover your account?


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