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Post Malone digs Kurt Cobain. He even has a song called “Kurt Cobain” and has covered Nirvana’s music multiple times, first in 2016 with “Lithium.”

Post Malone performed Nirvana songs during the first pandemic wave in 2020 to raise money for Covid-19 relief. He later revealed he’d asked Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, for permission. 

“We went to Kurt’s daughter. It’s important to me because I loved Kurt so much, and he’s been such an inspiration to me, musically. I could never want to offend anybody by trying to show support, so I just wanted to make sure that everything was OK. And it was ok, and we raised money for a good cause, and we got to play some of the most fu__ing epic songs ever,” said Post. 

Post Malone really seems like a good dude! What is your favorite Post Malone song?

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