Zazza Mornings

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No More Than 4

Tony picks an person/place/thing … No More Than 4 clues to see if she can guess it within the four clues. Sometimes she gets it right without using all four clues but most of the time she doesn’t. Plus Tony posts bonus clue on the ZAZZA MORNINGS facebook page to help you out. Guess correctly and win the prize!

College of Knowledge

Each day, enroll in the College of Knowledge and show off your smarts. 5 questions. 5 answers. If you win a Zazza Mornings Prize Pack, you also get bragging rights for the day!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Sometimes you just need to vent and let everyone know ain’t nobody got time for that…whatever “that” may be at the moment. Call in each Monday to get if off your chest.

Fix It Or Ditch It

Got a relationship that needs some help? Or do you need to find out if you should just break it off altogether. Email your situation and of they select your email, they’ll read it on the air and listeners will offer their best relationship-advice…for free!

Pie Face Thursday

Each Thursday, face off in the PieFace Showdown to see who has the fastest hands to make the other one get smacked in the face with whipped cream. Sometimes they get daring and use other “stuff” instead of whipped cream…then things get really interesting! Catch it live on the air, or on facebook live on the ZAZZA MORNINGS facebook page.

Foodie Friday

So we all know Tony loves to cook. Now he’s cooking and videotaping it complete with detailed directions of how to make it look/taste the way Tony does. It could be an elaborate holiday meal, or a quick romantic dinner for two, or the perfect meal for football season! See the videos on the ZAZZA MORNINGS youtube page HERE!

tony-onlyTONY ZAZZA

Tony Zazza was born and raised in San Diego, CA & grew up dreaming of being a professional baseball player or a police officer. He left California for Texas on a baseball scholarship.

Tony attended Hill College & Tarleton State University in Texas where he got hired to write for MTV and also took a job at the local radio station in Stephenville.

Tony has worn every hat in radio until he asked for a 50 cent raise. When told he wasn’t talented enough for the raise he decided to prove his boss wrong and in 1998, Tony drove to Dallas and landed weekends at KDMX. Tony worked his way up from weekends to overnights to nights and after one year he was onto afternoons. Tony spent 5 ½ years there before moving to mornings where he was the host of his own show for 4+ years before moving to KVIL.

Tony was named On-Air Personality of the Year by AWRT (American Women in Radio and Television) in 2007 and nominated again in 2014 and also nominated for On-Air Personality of the Year in 2004 by R&R (Radio and Records) and The RMA’s (Radio Music Awards).

Tony is also the President of the Board for his namesake 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization which serves the community by targeting families, children and animals in need.

He currently lives in “beachside” in Melbourne, Florida, with his 2 dogs (Cooper & Belle) and 2 cats (Faith & Hill). He loves to play golf, entertain, yard work, swim and spend time with family and friends.

Tony is a Wine Enthusiast and loves to cook.


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