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Born and raised on the Eastern Shore, Twiggins fell in love with radio at a young age. After bothering local personalities for years, Twiggins finally got his shot on “The Old 97.5” as we now call it in 2008. In 2010, Twiggins made a move to NYC where he studied Theatrical Production at Marymount Manhattan College. While in New York, Twiggins worked for the number one talent competition on television. The Gulf Coast air called him home. Twiggins joined the staff at WABD in May of 2016. If he’s not on the air, you can find him out and about spinning at local bars and clubs

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DIY Braces?

Dentists warn DIY braces could make your teeth fall out! A new online trend could be detrimental to your teeth. DIY braces have become something to worry about. There are videos of kids making their own orthodontia. The children use everything from rubber bands to fishing wire as teeth-straightening devices. Dentists are warning that using…MORE


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